Learn to be a better communicator in business, communication and relationships


A coaching program that isn't just for coaches! Because everyone deserves to get the results they want in life. 

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Be More U's Leadership Coaching Program is a 6 Month online program that leads you step by step through the coaching experience. It not only trains you as the coach you want to be, but coaches you to reach your highest level of success in your own life.


Learn the method and skills you need to succeed. Develop your coaching skills, client communication and processing skills, video call skills - using the Zoom platform, and learn how to self evaluate. Receive feedback from your head coach every step of the way.

We've put everything into this program just for you, there's MORE...

6 Modules

You'll learn and have the opportunity to focus on our core concepts:

Context Window, Comfort Zone, Situational Purpose, Congruency, Ineffectives, and Full Participation.

Monthly Group Training Sessions

Each month you'll join a group session focused on discussing and learning the module and methods. 

You'll have an opportunity to learn in this group setting, ask questions, and share your insight as you grow your skills.

An Engaged Community

Each week you'll work within the group to explore the tools, and use them. You'll participate both as a coach and as a client, and be held accountable.

You'll learn how to propel towards more of what you want in life, and how to help others do the same.


Be More U's core curriculum was conceived over 40 years ago as the passion of Randy and Judy Revell - founders of Context Associated and creators of The Excellence Series. Our head coach and program facilitators are here to help propel you towards MORE of what you want, less of what you don't want, and ultimately help you help others do the same!


This is a question you'll explore and answer time and time again in this program.

  • Do you want to introduce healthy boundaries, and create a better understanding of your personal relationships to grow them beyond what you thought they could be?
  • Does your passion project need a road-map?  
  • Have you always wanted to find your purpose, but don't know where to start?
  • Do you want to lead in your own life and show up for others? 
  • Do you want to learn what authenticity means for you, so you can be true to yourself and create your best results yet?
  • Are you ready for this work with the guidance, support, and community to back you?

Learn how to consistently show up as the best version of you in all areas of your life (ie. health, wellness, relationships, finances...) understand and practice the strategies that will help to propel you forward.


"This [Coaching Program] will help you get clear on what you want, what you need to do to achieve this and provide you with the opportunity to do so in a caring community that wants you to have what you want. "

Samuel Boroff
Seattle, WA

Seeing Growth In Action

Our Coaches grow their skills, and they actually see the results in their own lives too.


Our program is created with the passion that brought you Context and The Excellence Series, that’s over 40 years of experience helping thousands create their most successful lives!


You experience the exact coaching method first hand, before you implement it. 

You belong to a leading community of coaches where you have full support to achieve success. 

You begin to fill your calendar with coaching clients, or are simply a better friend and family member!

You discover how to finally communicate with your boss!

You know the step-by-step process that helps propel you and others towards success.

You have the boundaries and guidance in place required to reach your highest goals, as well as your clients.

You are able to help people change their lives in meaningful ways.

You create a ripple effect the world is waiting for!


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Tell Me More About The Be More U Coaching Program

Level 1 - Support includes 6 Months of:


  • This is the Be More U Level 1 Coach Training Program
  • The Be More U Coaching Method That Has Been Working for Over 40 Years! 
  • 6 Months Online Training Program
  • Digital Coach and Video Training
  • One on One and Group Support
  • Group and Individual Coaching
  • Feedback and Reviews
  • Consistent Curriculum and Learning Prompts
  • Accountability
  • Network and Community
  • On Completion - You'll be evaluated for your Support Coach Certificate!

Future Program Dates to be Announced

By the end of this 6 Month Coaching Program you will understand how to create the experiences in your life that you want. Raise your hand to book a call with Darren Kaulius, our Head Coach and Facilitator of the Leadership Coaching Program.


If you're ready to create a ripple effect and make an impact for positive change in the world - we're ready for you! Join us for the next 6 Month Coaching Program


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